International Tea Ceremony Design Contest 2016

2016-04-01 ~ 2016-08-31


Through thousands of years and across generations, oriental tea culture has culminated in the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is a way of self-conversation and of sharing the taste of tea.


I. Organizers
Arranger: New Taipei City Government
Organizer: New Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, and Lin’s Ceramics Studio
Co-organizer: National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute

II. Submission Requirements
1. Tea ware and tea ceremony design with ceramics as the main material, supplemented with other materials (The tea ware must be original works produced by the contestant.)
2. Use elements of tea ware, tea ceremony accessories, tea ceremony ornaments, and spatial design to present tea ceremony aesthetics. Other elements may be used to enhance the beauty of the tea ceremony design.
3. No limitation is placed on the style of the tea ceremony. Styles from classical elegance, modern technology, to fashionable flamboyance are all acceptable. However, the aesthetics and harmony of the presentation of the tea ceremony must be considered.
4. The specification of the tea table is 182cm x 91.5cm x 74cm. The design must be within this spatial range.
5. Only the works placed on the tabletop will be evaluated. Anything outside the range of the tabletop will not be considered.

● Required content
1. Tea ware: Teapot (or lidded bowl) x 1, tea serving pot x 1, and teacups x 4 to 6
2. Tea ceremony accessories: Tea pick, tea scraper, tea spoon (or tea holder), and tablecloth
3. Flower arrangement, which may be designed in combination with vases

● Recommended accessories (optional)
1. Tea ceremony accessories: Kettle, water pan, tea tray, tea saucer, tea caddy, tea pincer, utensil rest, teapot lid rest, etc.
2. Painting
3. Music

III. Registration Rules
1. No limitation on nationality, age, or gender
2. Registration fee: Free of charge
3. Group registration: Any person may register as an individual or in a group
4. Number of submissions: Each individual/group may submit as many as 5 tea ceremony designs. One piece of tea ware design may only be used in one tea ceremony design.

IV. Registration & procedure
Please read the attached file.

V. Rewards
Finalists will receive the following rewards:
1. The 10 finalists, after completing the tea ceremony dynamic exhibition, receive 30,000 TWD for travel expenses.
2. Among the finalists, 3 will be selected for the awards for innovation, craft, and artistic expression.
3. The recipients of the awards for innovation, craft, and artistic expression will be in first consideration for the 2017 cross-strait tea ceremony exhibition tour by Lin’s Ceramics Studio.

VI. Award Ceremony
1. Time: 10:30 a.m. Sat. Nov. 12, 2016
2. Location: Lecture Hall, Yingge Ceramics Museum
3. Award presentation 1: Ten finalist awards, each with 30,000 TWD for travel expenses and one certificate
4. Award presentation 2: Awards for innovation, craft, and artistic expression, each with one trophy

VII. Dynamic Exhibition
1. The tea ceremony dynamic exhibition takes place on the first floor of Yingge Ceramics Museum from Sat. Nov. 12 to Sun. Nov. 13, 2016.
2. Two sessions per day, from 11:00 to 12:00 a.m. and from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.
3. The organizer will supply tea and tea sweets for the tea ceremony designs.

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