Tea Party II attempts to give a novel, contemporary perspective on tea cultures in Asia. From a cultural standpoint, Eastern tea arts are combined with Western mixology, while  integrating visual, interactive, technological, design, fashion, and spatial elements from various fields in a large-scale crossover cooperative effort.

In 2012, Tea Party I《Slow & Flow》spanned different creative realms as a tea culture performance that combined tradition with fashion. More than 50 tour performances spanned Asia and even reached France, winning design awards such as the 2013 Design for Asia gold medal and 2014 Germany iF Communication Design Award. In 2015, Tea Party II《in the mix》continues this concept and creates an even more contemporary perspective on Asian tea cultures. 《in the mix》 was inspired by the English phrase. “Are you in the mix tonight?” which the younger generation is used to inviting each other to social events. It is an attempt to integrate tea culture into the lives of the younger generation through a new perspective while passing on tradition. This performance combines the East and the West, tradition and modernity, virtuality and reality in a bid to reflect the ubiquitous spirit of the times.

We not only create a tea ceremony, but also invent a Taiwanese perspective on tea culture. We are looking beyond tea to the taste of Taiwan.
Visually, multi-directional projections create a contemporary tea space. The audiences can interact with the projections through swiping their smartphones. The original, interactive visuals are combined with a circular bar, tea set design, and electronic music to convey images of spring, summer, fall, and winter. The intricate actions of the artist brewing tea allows the audience to experience the unique aroma and flavor of each season, as well as a complete tea culture sensory experience.
In terms of taste, we invited the world’s top bartenders (a Taiwanese local who has won three world bartending championships) to use mixology as a foundation to create new combinations which incorporate seasonal Taiwanese tea leaves as well as food ingredients. The aim is to raise the taste of tea to a whole new level for the taste buds.

At an age when cultural exchange between East and West is commonplace, Asia’s slow tea culture has gradually been replaced in the lives of the younger generation. Tea Party II: In the Mix incorporates modern elements into tea culture, such as mixology, interactive technology, industrial design, fashion design, electronic music, and more. This reintroduces traditional tea culture to the young generation in a modern, trendy manner so that this thousand year old culture can evolve with the times and stay relevant. Of course, we also aim to bring Asia’s tea culture to the international stage so that other countries come to understand Eastern tea cultures more.